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Our goal is to illuminate and simplify the college application process through one-on-one admissions counselling.

Our services include:

Preliminary Review

Identifying your unique strengths and interests, and assessing how to best highlight those through your Extracurriculars, High School Portfolio, and Final Essays and Application

Psychometric Aptitude Tests

In-depth assessment across 46 different evaluation parameters and 5 different scales to point you in the right direction for your stream, college and career choice

Extracurricular Enhancement

Guidance on which extracurricular activities to pursue to help you explore your interests and build skills to help you succeed at the University level, as well as advice on how to best present your Extracurricular activities in your application

Customized Planner & Timeline

Personalized planner based on your areas of interest, and realistic timelines for projects, testing, and applications to help you maximize your time and balance the many aspects of the application process

School Selection

Researching, Shortlisting, and Finalizing your School List and prospective academic major based on your preferences and profile

Planning Campus Visits

University visit itineraries, and how to make the most of school visits

School Outreach & Communication

Strategies and contact points to help you gain valuable information about schools while simultaneously expressing your interest

Early Action/Early Decision Strategy

Maximizing your chance of admission to your top-choice school

Letter of Recommendation Guidance

Advice on whom and how to ask for strong Letters of Recommendation

Resume Preparation

How to best present your activities and achievements to application committees

Interview Preparation

Discussion of interview strategies and mock interviews to prepare you

Essay Advice & Refinement

Help with brainstorming, outlining, editing and polishing essays to develop meaningful, personal narratives

Digital Portfolio Preparation

Highlighting your unique interests and achievements through an online platform to showcase additional letters of recommendation, project reports, music & art samples, etc.

Application Review

Thorough review of all elements before submission of each school application

Waitlist Strategy

Continuing to convey your interest and achievements in case of placement on the waitlist

Final School Selection

Assessing your offers and admission, including scholarship or financial aid, to decide which is the best fit for you

Continuous Support & Monitoring

Regularly scheduled check-ins, feedback on all documents, and ongoing support to give guidance or answer questions, whether in person, over Skype or the telephone, or on email

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